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Some people worry about this aspect of EKO-SEP. They go through an unnecessary mental process thinking; do we need to get: a carpenter, a plumber, an engineer or a sewer technician. No to all the above! The assembling of EKO-SEP is idiot proof.
All you need are two persons to hold the panels together and another person with a hammer (included in the kit), forty-five to sixty-minutes and the unit is ready to be lowered into the hole in the ground.

We are hoping that by this time someone had the presence-of-mind to dig the hole in preparation for EKO-SEP. Now; bear in mind that this Website is for basic information. Other technical information will be supplied in both hard and digital copy with each unit.

Please note.
All technical information comes with each kit of EKO-SEP and not before. Our technical team is on stand-by 24/7 to answer questions you may have relating to installation, maintenance and operations of the unit; prior to, during and after acquisition

Cross section of EKO-SEP


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