Pat. Pending No. 61458328

At this point the toilet-block is established or built and the pipes connected to each commode are linked and leading/pointing in the direction where EKO-SEP would be installed.

Appendix 1.  We consider the establishing of a functional human waste management system in situations already stated and which EKO-SEP is specifically designed for requires the collation of a number of functional segments coming together:

  (a) The location and setting up of physical toilet unit(s) or block(s) in which toilet commodes within individual modular compartments are in place.

  (b) Waste pipes (4″diameter) are attached to under-sleeve and appropriate T and L (elbow) joints with an aspect of final run of waste pipe in the direction of EKO-SEP’s proposed location.

Appendix 2. If for some reason, the management of the human waste facility, the end-user, the buyer or the installer is uncertain of, or not too familiar with the implementation of Appendix 1. We do have the technical/human resources capable of orally or textually walking anyone through this process, or if so desired, could supply technicians to install on site, items related to Appendix 1., in order to complete the final hookup. However, it is important to note that even though we have worked out details relating to Appendix 1., Appendix 1. (a) & (b) are not part of our responsibility but as stated, we are willing to render technical assistance, providing said assistance does not require expenditure on our part.

 Final step. Assuming that Appendix 1 & 2 are out of the way  (resolved), what we have left or looking at is a block with toilet  commodes under an enclosed tent and a single 4″diameter  pipe (sloping .5″for every foot leading to EKO-SEP)  with  joint connections to various commodes. EKO-SEP is now sting  on land next to a hole in the ground that is: 2.5 meters long,  1.5 meters wide and 120 centimeters or 4 feet deep. It is  important to allow or dig a shallow trench about 30 center meters or 1 ft deep to allow exit piping at the drain-end of EKO-SEP (detail information relating to soak pit is included in the kit). It is necessary at this point to have four lengths of rope in which to lower EKO-SEP, casket-like from its on-land position to the already dug hole in the ground.
Four healthy men on each side of the   hole (total of 8 men) would now be   responsible for carefully lowering   EKO- SEP into the ground. It would be   normal for EKO-SEP to now be about   30 centimeters or 1 ft. above ground but snugly in position and there is an access trench from the exit hole of EKO-SEP to the soak-pit a short distance away. Having achieved this and all connecting pipes are in place, use the hill of soil to back fill around EKO-SEP, so it would have a kind of sloping effect. This is also a good time to plant some flowers on EKO-SEP’s perimeter. Without further explanation, you will definitely receive many compliments about the floral garden.

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