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A rather embarrassing question! Why so? Well, so much planning, research, personal funds and work were put into the development and design of EKO-SEP that we lost count. Unlike the cost of a wedding, which is more or less a happy occasion and a cause for celebration, EKO-SEP comes in at a time when there is a great calamity but with a certain amount of far-sightedness when it comes to the health of the affected people. In short, The cost a single EKO-SEP unit is below a thousand dollars FOB Thailand or Cambodia, with a minimum order of 50 units.

Like items used in situations of natural disasters such as: First-Aid-Kits, blankets etc. EKO-SEP is an item that should be stock-piled as the process of constructing this item requires the merging of technical and natural resources along with a variety of other logistics. We could answer technical questions at 2 AM in cases of emergencies if need be, however, it would be unrealistic to go into production at such time.
If you need more information you can send us an e-mail at:   or call any of the following coordinating associates:

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